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    99== Session Summary ==
    11 To be provided by session chairs.
     11The session started out withe reports from a number of successful federations: GENI, CloudLab, Fed4FIRE, and PlanetLab. Of these GENI and CloudLab are primarily in the US, Fed4FIRE in the EU, and PlanetLab is spread throughout the world, with its two major centers of operation being in the US and Europe. All talks emphasized the strong relationships between the participants as a major contributing factor to the success of the federation. There was particular interest from participants to understand the system that PlanetLab has used for accountability: PlanetFlow logs all packets and the slice (container) that send them, so that after the fact, any traffic can be traced to the appropriate user for the appropriate action to be taken.
     13The session also included talks on two efforts to standardize and update APIs that are used for these federations. A "Common Federation API", based on those that have been developed by the GENI project, but with wider participation from other parties, has been in progress for some time now, and there are several working implementations. There are also multiple implementations that place these APIs on top of circuit reservation services, using Internet2's AL2S in the United States and NSI internationally.
     15One of the major themes that came up several times in the final set of talks in the session was how international Layer-2 connectivity should be handled. While the technical capacity for making circuits between domains is available, the policies governing them is less clear. One major question is whether requests for international Layer-2 circuits should be made using the credentials of the user who who will them, or with the credentials of the federated facility or network. In the US, GENI users are using their own credentials with Internet2 - internationally, the requests seem to be made by the facility that is federating. This topic will be the subject of a follow-up conversation by some members of the group.
    1317== Presentations ==