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GENI / FIRE Collaboration Workshop, September 2015, Session 2: Cloud

Session chairs

  • David Margery
  • KC Wang

Session Summary

To be provided by session chairs.


Author(s) Title Presentation
Joe Mambretti Federating the Chameleon Cloud Testbed with Multiple Other Research Cloud Testbeds Around the World slides
Rob Ricci CloudLab slides
Yan Luo How do we plan to use NSFCloud to save the world? slides
Dana Petcu Multi-Clouds -- challenges, achievements and opportunities slides
Ada Gavrilovska AppFlux: Taming App Delivery: a project on development of infrastructure for more scalable and timely distribution and delivery of apps for client and IoT devices slides
Suman Banerjee Designing and Deploying a City-wide Wireless Infrastructure with Edge Programmability slides
KC Wang From Federated SDI to Future Internet Architecture slides
Lucas Nussbaum Thought After Using Grid'5000, Cloudlab and Chameleon slides

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