GENI / FIRE Collaboration Workshop, September 2015, Session 2: Cloud

Session chairs

  • David Margery
  • KC Wang

Session Summary

The Cloud session was seeded with eight short talks to US and EU cloud research projects, capturing a range of cloud system research issues. The projects involved six cloud research platforms - NSF Clouds (Chameleon and CloudLab), Multi-Clouds, the UW-Madison city-scale heterogeneous wireless cloud, GEANT GTS, and Grid5000. The topics spanned cloud programmability, scheduling, federation, applications, and the emerging wired and wireless edge clouds. A clear common theme of the discussion was about the reality of multiple co-existing clouds, the approach to harness and expose a new paradigm across diverse and potentially federated clouds, and the new needs of addressing software design, execution, and management of complex applications for Internet users as well as Internet of Things devices.

Discussions amidst these presentation conveyed a converging consensus of the future cloud paradigm, with deeply programmable computing, networking, and storage elements across Internet in both data centers and near the edge. It is agreed that getting the multiple cloud platforms to interface is readily feasible at the data plane; at the same time, multiple avenues exist to enable control plane federation via software and automation. The eight projects alone have already involved federated infrastructure across US, EU, South America, and Asia. Federation based on commonly agreed API as well as third-party connectors (mapping resource requests from one API to another) have been explored. The community involved in these efforts sees a lot of opportunity for further orchestrated efforts to enable a global environment to facilitate production as well as research use of it.


Author(s) Title Presentation
Joe Mambretti Federating the Chameleon Cloud Testbed with Multiple Other Research Cloud Testbeds Around the World slides
Rob Ricci CloudLab slides
Yan Luo How do we plan to use NSFCloud to save the world? slides
Dana Petcu Multi-Clouds -- challenges, achievements and opportunities slides
Ada Gavrilovska AppFlux: Taming App Delivery: a project on development of infrastructure for more scalable and timely distribution and delivery of apps for client and IoT devices slides
Suman Banerjee Designing and Deploying a City-wide Wireless Infrastructure with Edge Programmability slides
KC Wang From Federated SDI to Future Internet Architecture slides
Lucas Nussbaum Thought After Using Grid'5000, Cloudlab and Chameleon slides
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