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GENI / FIRE Collaboration Workshop, September 2015, Session 1: Reports and discussions of funded collaborations

Session chairs

  • Per Blixt
  • Jack Brassil

Session Summary

To be provided by session chairs.


Author(s) Title Presentation
Ilya Baldin & Chrysa Pappagiani Resource Management and Topology Embedding in Distributed Networked Infrastructure Environments slides
Rob Ricci & Brecht Vermeulen Health and Availability Service for User Tools slides
David Margery & Marshall Brinn Collaboration on GENI Control Framework (aggregate manager) slides
Brecht Vermeulen & Kaiqi Xiong FGRE Summerschool 2015 slides
Violet Syrotiuk & Ingrid Moerman Wi-Fi Conferencing System: Locating Array slides
KC Wang, Jerry Sobieski, & Paul Mueller From GTS to CloudLab: on OpenFlow, NSI, and GTS-GENI Federation slides

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