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Lab One: Understanding the AM API using Named Data Networking


This is a first, simple experiment on GENI useful for familiarizing new experimenters with GENI and the tools for using GENI.

What you will learn

The high levels goals for this exercise are to:

  1. Understand what happens behind the scenes when you run and experiment in GENI
  2. Learn about RSpecs and the GENI AM API
  3. Learn about the Omni experimenter tool

You will learn these concepts by running an experiment based on the Named Data Networking (NDN) Future Internet Architecture. NDN software will be installed on the nodes in your network and you will run an application on top of the NDN software that fetches content by name. Optionally, you can instrument you application using the GENI Desktop to see graphs of traffic on the network links. This will give you greater insight into when application data is fetched from a cache and when it comes all the way from a data source.

Experiment Topology and Setup

Tutorial Setup

Four VMs at the same location connected by Layer 2 links.


  • Part I: Design/Setup
    • Step 1: Design Experiment
    • Step 2: Establish Environmentt
    • Step 3: Obtain Resources
  • Part II: Execute
    • Step 4: Wait for resources to be ready
    • Step 5: Try out CCN application