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    5555    <li>Launch jFed.</li>
    5656    <li>Click on the <b>Open URL</b> menu (see figure) </li>
    57     <li> Enter the url <tt></tt> .</li>
     57    <li> If you have been assigned iMinds aggregate {{{wall1}}}, enter the url <tt></tt>.  If you have {{wall2}}}, enter <tt></tt></li>
    5858  </ol>
    5959  </td>
    110110     <img border="0"
    111         src=""
    112         alt="Import an RSpec into jFed"  title="Import an RSpec into jFed" />
     111        src=""
     112        alt="View and edit an RSpec in jFed"  title="View and edit an RSpec in jFed" width=500 />
    113113     <br />
    114      <b>Figure 3-1</b> <i>Import an RSpec into jFed.</i>
     114     <b>Figure 3-3</b> <i>View and edit an RSpec in jFed.</i>
    115115  </td>
    116116 </tr>
    120 <table>
    121 <tr><td colspan='2'>
    122   <ol type='a' start='2'>
    124 <li>The way we will request installation of the proper software and execution
    125 of our experiment is to add <i>install</i> and <i>execute</i> services.
    126 </li>
    127 </td>
    128 </tr>
    129 <tr>
    130 <td colspan='2'>
    131 <img width='800' src="" />
    132      <br />
    133      <b>Figure 3-3</b> <i>Specify the install and execute scripts </i>
    134 </td></tr>
    136 <tr>
    137 <td colspan=2>
    138 <ol  type='a' start='3'>
    139 <li>
    140 First, select "<tt>+ Add Install Service</tt>" as shown.  In the box the Install box enter (cut-and-paste): <br>
    141 <pre></pre>
    142 and enter
    143 <pre>/</pre>
    144 in the box next to it (labeled 'in').
    145 <br>
    146 <br>
    147 Now, select "<tt>+ Add Install Service</tt>" again.  This time add: <br>
    148 <pre></pre>
    149 and enter <br>
    150 <pre>/</pre>
    151 in the box next to it (labeled 'in').
    152 <br>
    153 <br>
    154 Similarly, add a third install service:
    155 <pre></pre>
    156 and enter <br>
    157 <pre>/tmp</pre>
    158 in the box next to it (labeled 'in').  <strong> Note the different install directory this time. </strong>
    159 <br>
    160 <br>
    162   <li>In a similar manner, use the "<tt>+ Add Execute Service</tt>" button to add three execute services on this node:
    163 <br>
    164 <pre>
    165 cd /tmp/ccnx-setup &&  ./node-setup
    166 cd /tmp/ccnx-setup &&  ./add-precip-routes rsrchr
    167 cd /tmp/ccnx-setup && ./ccnx-setup router 4
    168 </pre>
    169   </li>
    171 <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td><img src="" width='50' height='50'/></td><td>Be very careful when entering this information -- these commands will not
    172 be executed yet, so it will be some time before you will see any relevant
    173 error messages if there is a mistake here.</td></tr></table>
    174   </li>
    175 </ol>
    176 </td>
    177 </tr>
    178 </table>
    180 <table>
    181 <tr><td>
    182   <ol type='a' start='5'>
    183   <li>Once both the <i>install</i> and <i>execute</i> services are specified, click <b>Apply</b>. 
    184   </li>
    185   <li> You <i> DO NOT </i> have to specify install and execute scripts for the other nodes as they have already been done for you.  You can check this by clicking on the i button next to the icons for these nodes.
    188 </ol>
    189 </td>
    190 </tr>
    192 </table>
     120=== 3.5. Save the request RSpec in a Local File ===
    196 === 3.4. Add GEMINI extensions ===
    197 This assignment has the option of instrumenting the experiment and viewing graphs of traffic on links using the GENI Desktop.  To prepare for this option, you need to turn on GEMINI extensions.  Do this by
    198 {{{
    199 #!html
    200 <table>
    201   <tr>
    202     <td>
    203       <ol type='a'>
    204        <li> Select the tab in the middle panel of Flack with the 'puzzle piece' icon </li>
    205        <li> Check the box "Use GEMINI Extensions" </li>
    206        </ol>
    207      </td>
    208      <td>
    209          <img width='500' src="" />
    210               <br />
    211               <b>Figure 3-4</b> <i>Add GEMINI Extensions</i>
    212       </td>
    213   </tr>
    214 </table>
    215 }}}
    217 === 3.5. Export the modified request RSpec ===
    218 Now we will pull back some of the covers and inspect exactly what Flack has been doing for us when preparing the RSpecs for the experiments we design.  Each node and link has a corresponding element in the RSpec, and the details of the component configuration (such as the install and execute services we requested above) are specified with attributes, or sometimes child elements, within those portions of the document.
     122For this tutorial we will use the Omni tool to create a slice and add resources to the slice.
    223 <td>
    224    <ol type='a'>
    225    <li>From the <i>View</i> menu (see figure), select the <b>Preview
    226 request document(s)</b> item.  This will bring up a window showing the
    227 current RSpec -- please take a moment to inspect it.  The XML elements
    228 under the "<tt>flack</tt>" namespace were added for Flack's internal
    229 use (containing information about the canvas layout, editing history, etc.),
    230 and are ignored by aggregate managers.  The `&lt;node&gt;` and `&lt;link&gt;` elements
    231 contain the specification for the components we will request, and if you
    232 look closely, you will be able to see the install and execute service
    233 elements you added earlier.
    234    </li>
     127<td colspan=2>
     128  <ol type='a'  start='7'>
     129      <li> Save the RSpec to a file by clicking on the <tt> Save </tt> button. </li>
     130      <li> Remember the name of the RSpec file and its location.
    236131   </ol>
    237    </td>
    238    <td>
    239       <img src="" width='400'/>
    240          <br/>
    241          <b>Figure 3-5</b> View and save the final request RSpec
    242    </td>
    243 </tr></table>
    245 <table><tr>
    246 <td>
    247    <ol type='a'>
    248    <li>Use the <b>Save to file</b> button (in the upper left) to
    249 a local copy of your RSpec with the name <tt>lab1_rspec.xml</tt>.  We'll use this in the next step to
    250 demonstrate how other client tools also use RSpec files to communicate
    251 requests to aggregate managers.</li>
    252    </ol>
    253 </td></tr>
     134     <img border="0"
     135        src=""
     136        alt="View and edit an RSpec in jFed"  title="View and edit an RSpec in jFed" width=600 />
     137     <br />
     138     <b>Figure 3-4</b> <i>View and edit an RSpec in jFed.</i>
     139  </td>
     140 </tr>
     144Open up a terminal window.
     146Create a slice.  To avoid name collisions with others in the class, pick a name that is lab1 followed by the initials of your name.  For example:
     148omni createslice lab1vtt