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OpenFlow-Based Vertical Handoff over WiFi and WiMAX in the Orbit Testbed

Image Map

7. Teardown Experiment

  1. Stop ping by issuing a SIGINT via ctrl\c.
  2. Execute the /root/ script to kill Floodlight and OVS.

8. Archive Experiment

  1. Optionally, if you would like to save your image for future use and perhaps modify or expand upon this experiment:
    1. Prepare the Orbit image for archival and run in the /root directory. This script will save the configuration of your image and shutdown the node (i.e. your SSH pipe will be broken).
    2. Save the image from the Orbit now the client was running on by executing omf save -n <your_client's_node_ID> where <your_client's_node_ID> is the full name of the node you wish to save. For example, This process might take some time, but note the name of your image, which will be something to the effect of <your_user_name>-node-<your_client's_node_ID>-<the_current_date_and_time>.ndz where <your_user_name> is your Orbit Lab user name, <your_client's_node_ID> is the full name of the node you wish to save, and <the_current_date_and_time> is the date and time of the saved image to the nearest second. Write this image name down or save it in a safe place. You will be able to load and boot it at a later date if you have a reservation in Orbit.
  2. If you skipped step 1, exit your SSH sessions by typing exit in all open SSH connections to the client.
  3. Shutdown any nodes you were using in Orbit by running omf tell -a offh -t <your_client's_node_ID>, where <your_client's_node_ID> is the full name of the node you wish to shut down. If you have more than one node running, you may include it in the same command in a comma-separated, no-white-space list. Alternatively, if you are the only one using the testbed, you can shutdown all the nodes by running omf tell -a offh -t all.


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