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GENI: Spring 2014 Train the TA Sessions

Dates and Times

Session 1: Thursday September 11, 2014 from 2pm to 5pm ET
Session 2: Thursday September 18, 2014 from 2pm to 5pm ET

Web Conferencing Information


WebEx will give you audio dial-in information after you log into the meeting.

Please join the WebEx meeting 10-15 minutes before the start time.

Requirements and Pre-Work

  1. Computer: To participate in the training and the hands-on tutorials you will need a modern computer with the following minimum requirements:
    • recent version of Mac OS, Windows or Linux
    • at least 2GB of memory
    • a modern processor, at least dual core and >1.5 GHz, (no Intel Atom, no netbooks, no tablets)
    • internet connectivity
    • webcam
    • microphone/speakers
  2. GENI Account: Verify ability to login to the GENI Portal ( using a browser such as Chrome or Firefox (not Safari or IE).
  3. GENI Tools: Tutorials in this training will require that you install some software on your computer has. Please follow these instructions

Session Leaders

Sarah Edwards
Niky Riga
Vic Thomas


This section is still under construction.
Please refer to this page, for material from the last time this seminar was offered.

Session 1

An introduction to GENI and GENI Concepts

Hands-on: Lab Zero: My first GENI Experiment

Hands-on: Using Omni, the GENI AM API and RSpecs

Take-home assignment (optional; see below)

Session 2

Solution to the take-home assignment

Tips for running a class on GENI (Slides pptx pdf)

  • Account management
  • Hands-on: Accessing resources in student slices


  • Running exercises on GENI
  • Hands-on: Using different GENI Tools


  • Wrap-Up: Resources available to instructors and TAs

Take home Assignment

  • Link to the assignment
  • Use Flack to reserve your resources using the rspec url provided in the assignment
  • You will get a warning when you run sudo just ignore it:
    sudo: unable to resolve host NodeB

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