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Understanding Expiration and Using Different GENI Reservation Tools

Slice/Sliver Expiration Times

Different resources in GENI have different expiration times. Frequently this confuses students and their reservations expire unexpectedly.

Let's try reserving a slice and renewing the resources in it:

  1. Login to the portal
  2. Create a slice
  3. When the new slice loads click the Add resources button
  4. Choose the 1 OpenVZ container (IG) and the Utah InstaGENI Aggregate

  5. Once the reservation goes through, navigate back to your slice
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 but this time reserve 1 OpenVZ container (IG) at the Clemson InstaGENI aggregate
  7. From the Slice page:
    1. Note the slice expiration time
    2. Scroll down and get the status for the Clemson InstaGENI aggregate by pressing the Ready? button. What is the expiration time at Clemson InstaGENI?
    3. What is the expiration time at Utah InstaGENI?

Action: Send an email to the three discovered expiration times

Access Information with other tools

All the reservation information is stored at the various aggregates, so you can access your information with any tool. You will find that different tools are better for different things.

Let's try reserving and renewing resources:

  1. In the slice you created in the above exercise, Launch Flack and wait until your slice is loaded. Is your slice ready?
  2. (optional) If you have omni installed run the readyToLogin script to get your login information: <slicename> -a clemson-ig -a utah-ig
  3. If you have omni installed renew your slivers to expire on Monday renewsliver <slicename> 20140922 -a clemson-ig -a utah-ig
    Tip If you don't have Omni, go back to the portal and renew your resources from there, you might need to only renew the Utah resources.