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Setting up your laptop with GENI Tools

Some of the tutorials at this camp will require you have a laptop that has:

  1. The Omni experimenter tool installed,
  2. A browser capable of running Flash clients, and
  3. An ssh client.

1. Install Omni

Mac OS x

  1. Download the package: omniTools.dmg.
  2. Install the package using these instructions.


  1. Download this file: omni-tools-2.4.2-setup.exe.
  2. Install the package using these instructions.
    Note The Windows Command Prompt can be found by navigating: Start menu -> Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt


  1. Download the GCF package from
  2. Install the GCF package using instructions at The Omni tool is part of the GCF package.

Test the installation

  1. Open a new terminal window.
  2. In this terminal window, run the command:
    If omni prints out its version number, you are all set!

2. SSH Client

3. Flash-enabled Browser

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