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Setting up your Computer with GENI Tools

Some of the tutorials will require you have a laptop that has:

  1. The Omni experimenter tool installed (Instructions)
  2. An ssh client (Instructions)
  3. Chrome and Firefox browsers
  4. Java 7.x

See instructions below.

1. Install Omni

Please make sure to install/upgrade to Omni 2.6

Download and install omni following the instructions at: (You do not have to configure Omni at this time. You will be given instructions at the conference.)

Test the installation

  1. Open a new terminal window (or command prompt in windows (Start menu -> Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt)) and type
           omni --version
    If omni prints out its version number, you are all set!

2. SSH Client

Mac OS X/Linux

Mac OS X and Linux come with an ssh client you can run from a Terminal window. You do not need to install anything. Proceed to the Test SSH with Keys section below.


[recommended] FireSSH is a javascript based ssh client that runs in your browser:

Another option is BitVise:

Git For Windows supports ssh and has a git bash emulator:

Note: If you are using the Putty ssh client, make sure you download and install from ''Windows installer for everything except PuTTYtel'. This installer includes puttygen to convert the private keys used by GENI to Putty's format and the ssh-agent called Pageant.

Test SSH with keys

You should have received a copy of an SSH private key by email.

To test your setup you will need these information:

  • username: sshtest
  • hostname:
  • port: 33850
  • passphrase for private key: v3rify

Mac OS X/Linux/Cygwin : Follow these instructions. If you see a prompt [sshtest@my-node ~]$ you are all set!
Windows : Follow these instructions. If you see a prompt [sshtest@my-node ~]$ you are all set!

3. Install Chrome and Firefox browsers

  1. Chrome: Google Chrome
  2. Firefox: Firefox.

4. Install and test Java 7.x installation

You must have Java 7.xx installed. Version 8.x will not work.

  1. Windows: Install from
  2. Mac OS: Install from
  3. Linux: Install from

Test your installation:

  1. Use Firefox to go to
  2. Click on the green button labeled "Quickstart jFed experimenter tool".
  3. If your Java setup is correct, a window will pop up that looks like:

You are done with the Java setup! You can close the window.
Mac users: If the above window does not pop-up, see the instructions at

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