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Setting up your Windows Computer with Omni

  1. Run the Windows installer by double clicking on the downloaded file.
  2. Point the PATH environment variable to the installed executables:
    1. Edit environment variables
      1. In Windows 7, open the Control Panel and search for PATH in the search box. Click on "Edit environment variables for your accounts".
      2. In Windows XP, find the System Properties window under Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings and click "Environment Variables".
    2. Set the PATH variable.
      1. Determine the value of your PATH variable:
        • For Windows XP: select C:\Program Files\omniTools
        • For Windows 7: select C:\Program Files (x86)\omniTools
      2. If there is no PATH variable, click "New..." and set the name PATH and the value of C:\Program Files (x86)\omniTools (or C:\Program Files\omniTools`).
      3. If there is a PATH variable, click "Edit..." and append ;C:\Program Files (x86)\omniTools (or ;C:\Program Files\omniTools) to the PATH variable. Be sure to include the ;.