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Small Topology Experiment

This experiment is step 2 in the multi-part tutorial on Systematic Experimental Design. This experiment assumes that Step I: Single Node had been completed. The Systematic Experimental Design approach follows this sequence:

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Small Topology Experimentation

So far, we have created an InstaGENI custom image that has XORP installed. In order to configure and verify OSPF routing, we need to create a network where at least two routers are not directly connected.

We will test OSPF configuration and automation with a four-node topology in this part, and verify that the OSPF routing is working properly in this small network.

  • Part I: Design/Setup "step-by-step" instructions (Alternate: Summary instructions)
    • The "step-by-step" instructions provide full details of how to generate the topology by hand. (This will take multiple hours to do.)
    • The "summary" instructions show you how to bring up the complete topology. (If you already have a GENI account and are a member of a project, this will take a few minutes to do.)
    • Software Configuration and Automation
    • View Request RSpec

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