II. Small Topology Experiment

This experiment is step 2 in the multi-part tutorial on Systematic Experimental Design. This experiment assumes that Step I: Single Node had been completed. The Systematic Experimental Design approach follows this sequence:

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Small Topology Experimentation

So far, we have created an InstaGENI custom image that has XORP installed in Step I. In order to configure and verify OSPF routing, we need to create a network where at least two routers are not directly connected.

We will test OSPF configuration and automation with a four-node topology, and verify that the OSPF routing is working properly in this small network.

  • Part I: Design/Setup "step-by-step" instructions (Alternate: Summary instructions)
    • The "step-by-step" instructions provide full details of how to manually generate the topology. (This will take multiple hours to do.)
    • The "summary" instructions show you how to bring up the complete topology. (If you already have a GENI account and are a member of a project, this will take a few minutes to do.)
    • Software Configuration and Automation
    • View Request RSpec
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