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A Tutorial on Systematic Experimental Design

Step I: Single Node

Step II: Small Topology

Step III: Scaling Up

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1. Modify RSpec

Recall in Step II, we have saved a final version of request RSpec (Quagga_4node_final.xml) for the topology with four routers and two end hosts. In this section, we start with this RSpec.

a. Add Aggregates

Log in to the GENI Portal and launch your slice that has been cleaned up, import the pre-saved Quagga_4node_final.xml. You can also download the RSpec from here to your local machine, and import it to your slice. Now you should be able to see the topology on your Jacks canvas on the Portal.

We will select two InstaGENI aggregates that support stitching links from the GENIStitchingSites, so that the Client,router-1 and router-2 are in the same aggregate; router-2 ,router-4 and Server are in the same aggregate. Here we show how to add an aggregate on the Portal.Click on the Site button on the dashboard and drag it onto the canvas. Now drag the desired nodes such as router-1,router-2 and Client into the new site.

Your canvas should look similar to the following image.

b. Select Aggregates

Choose any InstaGENI aggregate that supports stitching links from GENIStitchingSites.

2. Get Resource Using Portal

You can reserve multi-aggregate topologies using the Reserve Resources button on the Portal.

Now we are ready to run the experiments!

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