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GENI Inter-Aggregate Stitching Tutorial

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Step 4: Execute Experiment

To run the experiment we will use two terminals to login to the "right-client" and the "left-client" VMs and one browser to connect to the "server" VM to review results.

1. Start 2 terminal windows and use the readyToLogin script to determine the login information for the client hosts:

Window 1:

$ readyToLogin -a rightAggr MySlice
$ ssh -i right-client....


$ readyToLogin -a leftAggr MySlice
$ ssh -i left-client....

2. Now let's compare the Round Trip Time over each link type.

In the "right-client" terminal issue:

right-client$ ping -c 20 -q

In the "left-client" terminal issue:

left-client$ ping -c 20 -q

3. Start a browser and navigate to the "server's"s hostname from the readyToLogin output in previous step. For this example experiment the hostname allocated is

4. Now let's generate some traffic to determine how much capacity we can use on each link type:

In the "right-client" window issue:

right-client$ /usr/bin/iperf -c -t 30 -P 5

In the "left-client" window issue:

left-client$ /usr/bin/iperf -c -t 30 -P 5

5. Back in the browser. Refresh the web page and you should see the results for both iperf tests:

Note: The interface capacity for all links was set to 20 Mbits/sec in the RSpec used for this tutorial.

6. Time permitting. Let's exchange some layer 2 traffic by using PingPLus.

Add a third window which is logged into the "server" host. Determine the 2 Data Plane interfaces, and IP shutdown, take note of the MAC address for the and interfaces

server$ sudo /sbin/ifconfig ethXXX 0
server$ sudo /sbin/ifconfig ethYYY 0 

In the ''"right-client"'' window issue:
right-client$ sudo /sbin/ifconfig ethXXX 0
right-client$ sudo /local/scripts/ XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX ethXXX

In the ''"left-client"'' window issue:
left-client$ sudo /sbin/ifconfig ethYYY 0
left-client$ sudo /local/scripts/ YY:YY:YY:YY:YY:YY ethYYY

The experiment is now completed; time to release resources!

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