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GENI Inter-Aggregate Stitching Tutorial

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Step 4: Execute Experiment

To run the experiment we will use two terminals to login to the "right-client" and the "left-client" VMs and one browser to connect to the "server" VM to review results.

1. Start 2 terminal windows and use the readyToLogin script to determine the login information:

Window 1:

$ readyToLogin -a rightAggr MySlice
$ ssh -i right-client....


$ readyToLogin -a leftAggr MySlice
$ ssh -i left-client....

2. Now let's compare the delay over each link type.

In the "right-client" terminal issue:

right-client$ ping -c 20 -q

In the "left-client" terminal issue:

left-client$ ping -c 20 -q

3. Start a browser and navigate to the "server's"s hostname from readyToLogin output in previous step. For this example experiment the hostname allocated is

4. Now let's generate some iperf traffic:

In the "right-client" window issue:

right-client$ /usr/bin/iperf -c -t 30 -P 5

In the "left-client" window issue:

left-client$ /usr/bin/iperf -c -t 30 -P 5

5. Now back in the browser: Refresh the web page and you should see the results from the iperf server.

Note: The interface capacity for all links was set to 20 Mbits/sec in the RSpec used for this tutorial.

The experiment is now completed; time to release resources!