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    3232= 2a. Create a GENI Project - For Project Leads only =
    33 If you are a Project Admin, please skip these instructions and  [#a2b.JoinaProject-ForProjectAdminsonly the instructions under step 2b].
     33If you are a Project Admin or a Member, please skip these instructions and  [#a2b.JoinaProject-ForProjectAdminsonly the instructions under step 2b].
    3434A GENI account has no priviledges outside of a Project, i.e. as long as you are not a member of a GENI Project you can not use any GENI resources. In GENI only Project Leads can create Projects. Any faculty member, or a person in a corresponding position in industry, can request to become a Project Lead and thus have the capability of creating GENI Projects.
    6262Congratulations you have created a project
    64 = 2b. Join a Project - For Project Admins only =
     64= 2b. Join a Project - For Project Admins and Members only =
    6565If you are a Project Lead please skip these instructions.
    6767After a project is created, the Project Lead, (e.g. a Professor) can assign the management of the project to someone else (e.g. a Postdoc, a research or teaching assistant), by asking them to join their project and giving them 'Admin' privileges. The Admin of  a project has the exact same privileges as the Project Lead for the specific project.
     72<table border="0">
     74      <tr>
     75        <td>
     77        <img border="0" src="" alt="Create a GENI Project"  height="120" title="Join a GENI Project" /> </a>
     78       </td>
     79       <td >
     80         <ol>
     81            <li> In the <i>Home tab</i> click the <b> Join Project</b> button</li>
     82           <li> From the list of projects find the one that is listed in the piece of paper you have and clink the <b>Join </b> button <br/>
     83Please make sure you use the right name.</li>
     85          </ol>
     86       </td>
     88    </tr>
     89 </table>
    6992= 3. Invite people to join your project =
     93If you are a Project Member please skip this step.
    7095When you create a new project for your class, you would want to add the TA and the students in your class.