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    6060== Design/Setup ==
    62 === Get Ready: ===
    64 This experiment assumes that you have an account in the GENI Experimenter Portal and that you are already a member of at least one project.
    66 The first thing we need to do is login to the portal.
    70 <table border="0">
     64<table  border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
     65  <tr>
     66     <td>
     67        <img src="" width="180" height="180" alt="Design/Setup"></a>
     68      </td>
     69      <td>
     70         <h3><u> Step 1: Get Ready: </u></h3>
     71         The first thing we need to do is login to the portal.
     72            <table border="0">
     73              <tr>
     74                <td >
     75                 <ol>
     76                   <li> Go to <a href="" target="_blank"> the GENI Experimenter Portal </a> press the <b> Use GENI </b> button</li> and from the Drop Down menu select your institution. If you got an account through the GENI Identity Provider, please select <b>GENI Project Office</b>.
     77                        <br><b>Tip:</b> Start typing the name of your institution and see the list become smaller.
     78                   </li>
     79                   <li> You will be transferred to the Login Page of your institution. <b>Fill in </b>your username and password. </li>
     80                 </ol>
     81                </td>
     83             </tr>
     84           </table>
     85              <h3><u> Step 2: Launch your experiment: </u></h3>
     86               <table border="0">
    7288      <tr>
    73        <td>
    75         <a href="" target="GENIPortal">
    76 <img border="0" src="" alt="Login to GENI Experimenter Portal"  height="120" title="Login to GENI Experimenter Portal" />  </a>
    77        </td>
    7890       <td >
    7991         <ol>
    80             <li> Go to <a href="" target="_blank"> </a> and press the <b> Log in </b> button</li>
    81             <li> From the <b> select authority</b> drop down menu, select the site authority for your GENI account, most probably  and press the <b> Download </b> button</li>
    82             <li> Answer <b>yes</b> in the pop-up window </li>
    83             <li> Login to the new window using your GENI account </li>
    84             <li> Reload the Flack tab and repeat steps <b> 1 and 2 </b> </li>
    85             <li> After your private key and certificate are loaded, type your GENI passphrase in the box</li>
    86             <li> Select the sites you want. For this tutorial we only need the site.</li>
    87           </ol>
     92             <li> At the portal home page press the <b> create slice </b> from your project.
     93                       <br><b>Tip:</b> If you are not a member of any project and you don't know how to procede, <a href=""> email us </a>
     94                    </li>
     95            <li> Name your slice something like <b>xxxhello</b> (where xxx are your initials)<br></li>
     96            <li> When the slice page loads up, press the <b> Launch Flack </b> button, and <b>wait</b> until Flack finishes loading </li>
     97            <li> Find the  copy of <a href ="attachment:hellogeni.rspec"> this rspec file</a> that you downloaded earlier and press ok</li>
     98            <li>  A topology will come up, it will look different than the topology on the video. Your topology should look like <img border="0" src="" alt="Login to Flack Video"  height="20" title="How to login video" />. Press the <b>Submit</b> button and <b>confirm</b> that you want to reserve these resources.</li>
     99            <li> Wait while your resources are being reserved. This will take several minutes so be patient. When your sliver is ready the background will be green. </li>
    88100       </td>
    90102    </tr>
    91103 </table>
     106          </td>
     107       </tr>
    94112=== Launch your experiment: ===