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Guidance and Materials for leading the exercise: Simple Layer 2 Experiment Using the GENI Portal

Goals for this exercise

  1. Do a simple but complete GENI experiment using two aggregates connected by a layer 2 circuit (VLAN)
  2. Learn and use 5 GENI terms: experimenter, project, slice, resource, and aggregate
  3. Use the GENI Experimenter Portal

Exercise description

Tutorial Setup

Reserve two VMs across the US from each other connected by a Layer 2 circuit.

Then send layer 2 traffic between these two nodes (without IP).

Exercise materials

  • Slides with notes (ppt) and (pdf)
  • Worksheets for use during the exercise
  • Instructions (web) and (pdf)


In order to participate in this exercise attendees need to have an account at an InCommon institution or from the GPO. If they haven't done so before, please sign in to the GENI Portal.

Make sure each attendee knows which institution will provide them access to GENI and the username and password they need to authenticate. If you don't know, please let us know.

It may be helpful for attendees to have access to their email.

Please distribute one worksheet to each attendee (or pair of attendees) doing this exercise. The worksheet does three things:

  1. it helps attendees identify the data (and not the control plane interface) which they will bring down during the tutorial
  2. it ensures slice names are unique
  3. it ensures each attendee (or pair of attendees) use different IP addresses and subnets. (The VLAN used in the tutorial is shared and so IPs need to be deconflicted.)

Tutorial Instructions

Instructions for the tutorial

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