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    5050= Instructions =
    52 FIXME
     52As in previous tutorials, it is always good practice to clean up slivers
     53right away so that resources can be released and reused by other experimenters.
     54While other tools (such as Flack and the GENI Portal) can also be used to
     55clean up, no matter which software was used to establish the sliver in the
     56first place, for this example we will demonstrate the clean up procedure
     57using Omni.
     59The command to use is:
     60{{{ -a AM_NICKNAME deletesliver SLICENAME
     63where once again {{{AM_NICKNAME}}} is the aggregate manager nickname and
     64{{{SLICENAME}}} is the name of your slice (both found on your worksheet).
     66A minute or so later, Omni should respond with:
     68INFO:omni: Completed deletesliver:
     70and some details of exactly what was deleted.
     72Congratulations!  You have completed the tutorial.
     74(If you have extra time, you might want to go back and bring up a different
     75sliver and explore some more advanced options.  You can reuse the same slice
     76name until it expires, so you need only to design a different rspec and
     77submit it.  For instance, try choosing a different "Sliver Type" and/or
     78"Disk Image" from the node information screen in Flack -- these are very
     79useful options for advanced GENI users.)