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Obtain Resources: create a slice and reserve resources

Introduction: Getting Started with GENI and the GENI Portal



Now that you are a member of a project, you can create a slice and reserve resources.

1. Create a slice

If you are following on from the Flack tutorial, and the slice you created then has not yet expired, you can reuse the same slice -- skip ahead to the next step.

Otherwise, you will need to create a new slice, which can be done through the GENI Portal, as follows:

Create a GENI Slice
  1. Go to the Home tab.
  2. Press the Create Slice button for this project.
  3. As a slice name use the slice name on your worksheet (the slice name should be of the form portal##), you can leave the description empty and press Create Slice

2. Import a simple experiment

Next, we will learn about the mechanism Flack had been using when bringing up slivers for us. Behind the scenes, slivers are described in GENI rspec files, which are relatively simple XML documents precisely describing the components, configurations, and topologies.

For this exercise, we will start with a prepared rspec file. You should download this now, and save it where you can get to it with your browser. If you have time, it is worthwhile inspecting the contents to see the style of rspec files (in this case, another simple sliver consisting of two nodes connected by a single network link).

Next, you should load this topology into Flack. ...FIXME screenshot

3. Modify the experiment to automatically install and execute network test software

Click "i" on client

+ Add Install Service


+ Add Execute service

sudo /local/



Same on server

4. Export the modified experiment

View rspec

Save to file

5. Instantiate the new experiment using Omni -a ig-utah createsliver gtwportalslice ~/Downloads/experiments.rspec
/usr/local/bin/gcf/examples/ -a ig-utah gtwportalslice

When it is ready, it will give login info in terminal. Log in to client, look in


Next: Inspect the experiment execution

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