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Appendix - Move to HW switches

GENI and FIRE offer access to hardware OpenFlow switches. To enable sharing of the resources in GENI there is a common VLAN that has been setup for all the GENI racks and within this VLAN experimenters can reserve a flowspace based on IP or eth_type. Experimenter can also obtain a private VLAN only for their slice. For this tutorial we are going to use the common VLAN that has been setup.


The topology for this experiment is very similar to the one that uses OVS, the main difference is that instead of the OVS we are going to connect the compute resources to a hardware OpenFlow siwtch.

The setup of the slice for this experiment has two steps:

  1. Reserve all your hosts (including the host that will be the controller)
  2. Reserve the OpenFlow resources (for this you will need some information from the previous reservation).

1. Reserve compute resources

The rspecs for this tutorial are site specific. If you are attending a tutorial then use the site and IP subnet that was given to you on your worksheet, if you are doing this at home choose a site out of : clemson, cornell, gatech, gpo, illinois, kansas, kentucky, kettering, max, missouri, moxi, northwestern, nysernet, nyu, sox, stanford, wisconsin and choose a subnet between 10.20.30 - 10.20.49

In the following instructions replace :

  • <SITE> with the site you were given or chose.
  • <SUBNET> with the one your were given or chose.

Do the following steps:

  1. Start jFed
  2. Load URL:<SITE>.rspec in jfed
  3. Use the search and replace functionality of the rspec editor in jFed to replace "10.20.30" with "<SUBNET>"
  4. Press run

2. Reserve OpenFlow Flowspace

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