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    51      <td> <img src="" width="40" alt="Note">  </td>
     51     <td> <img src="" width="40" alt="Note">  </td>
    5252     <td> You can request compute resources from any <b>InstaGENI aggregate</b> and use any reservation tool (Portal, jFed, Omni, etc). For a list of available InstaGENI rack aggregates see the <a href=""> GENI Production Resources </a> page or see the GENI Network Monitoring <a href=""> Aggregate Status</a> page to get availability and usage levels for each rack.
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    7878     <td> In the GENI Portal, select ''Add Resources'' and then scroll down to the "Choose RSpec" section to enter the RSpec URLs above. Additionally, you can choose the InstaGENI aggregate where to reserve your resources by clicking on the node that says '''Site 1''' and selecting any InstaGENI rack from the menu on the left, as shown in the figure below:   
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    9393     <td> SSH access to your nodes is set up as part of the resource reservation. For info on how to SSH to your reserved hosts see the <a href=""> How to Login </a> page </td>
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    142142     <td>    <i>An OpenFlow switch will not forward any packet unless instructed by a controller. Basically the forwarding table is empty, until an external controller inserts forwarding rules. The OpenFlow controller communicates with the switch over the control network and it can be anywhere in the Internet as long as it is reachable by the OVS host. </i>
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