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    1616 For this tutorial you need a GENI Experimenter Portal account and be a member of at least one project.
    1717    <ul>
    18    <li> If you have a ProtoGENI (emulab) account, then you can follow
    19 <a href=""> this version</a> of the tutorial. </li>
    2018    <li> If you don't have an account yet <a href=""> sign up! </a></li>
    2119    </ul>
    7573                       <br><b>Tip:</b> If you are not a member of any project and you don't know how to procede, <a href=""> email us </a>
    7674                    </li>
    77             <li> Name your slice something like <b>xxxopenflow</b> (where xxx are your initials)<br></li>
     75            <li> Name your slice something like <b>xxxfw</b> (where xxx are your initials)<br></li>
    7876            <li> Once the slice page loads, click the <b> Add Resources </b> button placed at the top left part of the screen. <br> <b>NOTE:</b> If you get a warning about not having uploaded ssh keys  just follow the instructions on providing an ssh key before you proceed.</li>
    79             <li> In the <b> Choose RSpec </b> section, choose the <b>FW and NAT</b> choice, which should contain: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. </li>
     77            <li> In the <b> Choose RSpec </b> section, choose the <b>OpenFlow Firewall</b> choice. </li>
    8078            <li> You will need to choose an aggregate where you want this topology to be instantiated. Click on the <b> Site 0 </b> box and a panel on the left side of the canvas will appear.  Choose any aggregate with <i>InstaGENI</i> in it's name. </li>
    8179            <li>  Click on the <b> Reserve Resources </b> button on them bottom left part of the screen. </li>
     80            <li>Repeat the above steps to create a second slice called <b>xxxnat</b> (where xxx are your initials) using the <b>OpenFlow NAT</b> RSpec</li>
    8281            <li> Wait while your resources are being reserved. This will take several minutes so be patient. The nodes will turn green to signify that your resources are ready. </li>
    8382           </ol>