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    2727     Copyright (c) 2011-2015 Raytheon BBN Technologies
    29  1. Choose Control Panel and search for PATH in the search box.
    30 Click on "Edit environment variables for your account"
    31 If the PATH variable does not exist, create it by clicking "New..." and set the "Variable name" to PATH and the "Variable value" to "C:\Program Files (x86)\omniTools-2.10" (or "C:\Program Files\omniTools-2.10").
    32 If the PATH variable already exists, append ";C:\Program Files (x86)\omniTools-2.10" (or ";C:\Program Files\omniTools-2.10") to the PATH variable. Be sure to include the ";".
    33 Test the installation by opening a Command Prompt and running the command:
    34 omni --version
     30= 2. Configure Omni =
    38 These instructions are to test if you are able to log into the GENI Portal using the username and password you use at your home institution, and, in the event that fails, to help you request a GENI account.  (Note: GENI never sees your home institution username and password. For more information on how this works, see
     32=== Download Configuration Info ===
     33 1. Login to the GENI Portal at
     34 1. Click on `Profile` from the drop-down list that appears when you hover above your name on the top right corner of the page.
     35 1. Click on the 'Configure omni' tag
     36 1. In Step 1, Click 'Generate an SSL Certificate' (unless it says you already have)
     37 1. Click 'Generate Combined Certificate and Key File' (the Simple Option)
    40  1. Go to and click the big orange "Use GENI" button.
    41  1. On the institution chooser page, select your home institution. The text entry field will auto-complete institutions if you type in a few characters. Or you can choose the "Show a list of organizations" option and find your institution in the drop down box.  [[BR]]
    42    IF your institution does not appear here, '''STOP''' and fill out this form:
    43  1. Click "Continue". You should be redirected to your home institution's login page.
    44  1. Type in your usual home institution Username and Password. Again, note this information is not sent to GENI.
    45  1. You should be redirected to a GENI agreement page. [[BR]]
    46    IF this does not happen, '''STOP''' and fill out this form:
    47  1. On the GENI agreement page, check the two boxes that indicate you agree to all policies and to let the portal work on your behalf. Then "submit" the page.  Congratulations, you're done!  You should now be at the portal home page.
    48  1. Click on the Projects tab on the portal home page, and then click the "Join a Project" button.
    49  1. In the Search box begin to type: TrainTheTA-Spring2016
    50  1. Click the Join button next to the project TrainTheTA-Spring2016.
    51  1. You can leave the message as-is, and click the "Send Join Request" button.
    52  1. You have now requested to join the project we will use for the tutorial, and have a feel for what the GENI portal is like.
     39 1. Then, in Step 2, Click 'Download your omni data', to download omni.bundle to your computer.
    54 = 2. Computer Requirements =
    56 Verify your laptop/desktop meets these minimum requirements:
    57  * Runs a relatively recent version of Mac OS X, Windows or Linux.
    58  * 2 GB of memory
    59  * A modern processor, at least dual core and >1.5 GHz, (no Intel Atom, no netbooks, no tablets)
    60  * A good connection to the Internet
    61  * webcam (optional, but recommended)
    62  * microphone
    63  * headphones/speakers
    65 ''If you have a choice, MacOS/Linux machines are preferred as they have built-in ssh tools.'' [[BR]]
    66 ''If you have a webcam please use it at the tutorial --- web-based tutorials are much less impersonal if we can see your faces.''
     41=== Configure ===
     421. Open a terminal or Command Prompt.  If this is your first time configuring omni type:
     46otherwise if you have configured omni before type:
     48omni-configure --replace-all
    6851= 3. Install GENI Tools =