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    11= 1. Download and Install Omni =
     3=== Windows 8 (others Windows versions similar) ===
     5==== Download and Install ====
     6 1. Download Omni Windows Binaries at
     7 1. Click accept, and run the downloaded executable file when the download completes.
     8 1. Click Next, accepting the agreement and the defaults for several (4) screens, then click Install. If you change the default location, be sure you change the path below to match. 
     9 1. Click Next, and Finish to complete the install.
     11==== Configure PATH ====
     12 1. Open Control Panel, and search for PATH in the search box.
     13 1. Click "Edit the system environment variables"
     14 1. Click the Environment Variables... button
     15 1. Under system variables select the Path variable and click Edit...
     16 1. Click New, and type the install location: C:\Program Files (x86)\omniTools-2.10
     17 1. Click OK three times to close the three windows. 
     19==== Test ====
     20 1. Open a Command Prompt (cmd) or terminal window and type:
     21 omni --version
     24 1. Choose Control Panel and search for PATH in the search box.
     25Click on "Edit environment variables for your account"
     26If the PATH variable does not exist, create it by clicking "New..." and set the "Variable name" to PATH and the "Variable value" to "C:\Program Files (x86)\omniTools-2.10" (or "C:\Program Files\omniTools-2.10").
     27If the PATH variable already exists, append ";C:\Program Files (x86)\omniTools-2.10" (or ";C:\Program Files\omniTools-2.10") to the PATH variable. Be sure to include the ";".
     28Test the installation by opening a Command Prompt and running the command:
     29omni --version
    333These instructions are to test if you are able to log into the GENI Portal using the username and password you use at your home institution, and, in the event that fails, to help you request a GENI account.  (Note: GENI never sees your home institution username and password. For more information on how this works, see