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Introduction to Omni Tutorial

These instructions might be deprecated, please see the latest instructions here


This tutorial will guide you through your first [ Omni] experiment. [ Omni] is a command line tool that helps you interact with GENI aggregate managers. We are going to run a very simple experiment using the topology below: Hello GENI topology


For this tutorial you need an active GENI account. If you don't have an account yet sign up!


All the tools will already be installed at your nodes. For your reference we are going to use:

Where to get help:

For problems with omni please subscribe/email to the omni users mailing list For any questions or problem with the tutorial please email

Tutorial Instructions

  • Part I: Design/Setup
    • Establish Management Environment: Setup your GENI account and join a GENI Project
    • Obtain Resources: Create a slice and reserve resources
  • Part II: Execute
    • Execute Experiment: Login to nodes and test connectivity
    • View Results: See Statistics

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