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    33= Introduction to Omni Tutorial =
    5 == Experiment Description ==
    6 In this tutorial we are going to use Omni which is a command line tool for reserving GENI resources. We are going to use a very simple topology that has a server and a client connected by only one link. At install time we are going to install at the server a web and an iperf servers, while the client will issue `http` and `iperf` requests. We will be able to see the performance on the server on a web page.
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     10<h3 align="left"> <u>Overview: </u> </h3>
     11This tutorial will guide you through your first [ Omni] experiment.
     12[ Omni] is a command line tool that helps you interact with GENI aggregate managers.
     13We are going to run a very simple experiment using the topology below:
     14<img border="0" src="" alt="Hello GENI topology"  align="center" height="65" title="Hello GENI topology" />
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     18<h3 align="left"> <u>Prerequisites: </u></h3>
     19 For this tutorial you need an active GENI account. If you don't have an account yet <a href=""> sign up! </a>
    8 [[Image(GENIExperimenter/Graphics:hellogeni-topo.png,nolink)]]
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     25<h3 align="left"> <u>Tools: </u></h3>
     26All the tools will already be installed at your nodes. For your reference we are going to use:
     27     <ul>
     28       <li> The <a href="" target="_blank"> Apache HTTP server </a> and the <a href="" target="_blank"> wget utility </a> </li>
     29       <li> The <a href=" " target="_blank"> iperf utility </li>
     30      </ul>
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     34    <h3 align="left"> <u>Where to get help: </u></h3>
     35      For problems with omni please subscribe/email to the <a href="" target="_blank"> omni users mailing list </a>
     36      For any questions or problem with the tutorial please email <a href=""> </a>
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    1042== Tutorial Instructions ==