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    6666= Obtain Resources =
     67In this step we are going to setup a sample GENI experiment, in order to
     68get familiarized with most of the Omni commands.
     70== 4a. Create and renew a slice ==
     71The first thing to do when preparing to run a GENI experiment is to create a
     73  i. To create a slice type, use the `<slicename>` given in your paper slip:
     74  {{{
     75 createslice <slicename>
     76  }}}
     77  ii. To verify that your slice has been created and in general to keep track of
     78  your slices, use the `listmyslices` command. use the <username> given in your
     79  paper slip. Type:
     80  {{{
     81 listmyslices <username>
     82  }}}
     83  iii. Renew your slice. To extend the lifetime of your slice type:
     84  {{{
     85 renewslice <slicename> 20121025
     86  }}}
     88== 4b. Reserve resources, a.k.a create a sliver ==
     89The next step in a GENI experiment is to actually reserve resources. For this
     90experiment we are going to use the Aggregate manager of ProtoGENI in Utah.
     91  i. In Omni in order to see what each AM offers you can use the
     92  `listresources` command. Type:
     93   {{{
     94 listresources -a pg-utah -o
     96  The `-o` option will save the output to a file. The filename is chosen by Omni and printed as part of the output. The output will look like :
     97  {{{
     98geni@geni-VirtualBox:~$ listresources -a pg-utah -o
     99INFO:omni:Loading config file /home/geni/.gcf/omni_config
     100INFO:omni:Using control framework pg
     101INFO:omni:Saving output to a file.
     102INFO:omni:Substituting AM nickname pg-utah with URL, URN unspecified_AM_URN
     103INFO:omni:Listed resources on 1 out of 1 possible aggregates.
     104INFO:omni:Writing to 'rspec-www-emulab-net-protogeniv2.xml'
     105INFO:omni: ------------------------------------------------------------
     106INFO:omni: Completed listresources:
     108  Options as run:
     109                aggregate: ['pg-utah']
     110                framework: pg
     111                output: True
     113  Args: listresources
     115  Result Summary: Queried resources from 1 of 1 aggregate(s).
     116Wrote rspecs from 1 aggregate(s) to 1 file(s)
     117Saved listresources RSpec at 'unspecified_AM_URN' (url '') to file rspec-www-emulab-net-protogeniv2.xml; 
     118INFO:omni: ============================================================
     120  In the last line of the output Omni will tell you the name of the file that output is saved at. In the example above this would be `rspec-www-emulab-net-protogeniv2.xml`. Open the file that Omni saved and just take a look to see how an advertisement RSpec looks like.
     121  In order to see only available resources type
     122  {{{
     123 listresources -a pg-utah --available -o
     124  }}}
     125  i. To be able to reserve resources you will need to craft a request rspec.
     126  For this example we have created the rspecs for you, use the rspec URL given
     127  in your paper slip. Type :
     128  {{{
     129 createsliver -a pg-utah <slicename> <rspec_url>
     130  }}}
     131  For example
     132  {{{
     133 createsliver -a pg-utah iomni30
     134  }}}
     135  '''Tip:''' If you are copying the above line make sure to substitute the slicename and the actual rspec name with the ones that are specified in your paper slip.
     136  i. Look at your reserved resources. Type:
     137  {{{
     138 listresources -a pg-utah <slicename>
     139  }}}
     140  i. Extend the lifetime of your sliver:
     141  {{{ renewsliver -a pg-utah <slicename> 20121025
     143  }}}
     144  i. Check the status of your resources. Type:
     145  {{{
     146 sliverstatus -a pg-utah <slicename>
     147  }}}
     148  The `sliverstatus` command reports the status of your overall GENI slice. When
     149  the status is ready we are ready to continue to the next step.