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    141             <li> After the background of your slice turns green, press the (i) button that is on the server node icon.</li>
    142             <li> In the information tab that came up, <b>press the Visit</b> button. A new tab should come up that looks like the picture on the side. </li>
     141            <li> After the <code>sliverstatus</code> command tells you that your resources are ready. ''Login to your nodes'''. Depending on the Aggregate the login information are either part of the <code>sliverstatus</code> call, or as part of the manifest rspec, i.e. returned from the <code>listresources</code> call. Omni comes with a script that makes it easy to gather all this information.  In the terminal run: <br>
     142    <code> -a pg-utah &lt;slicename&gt
     144</code>   <br> The script will return the actual command that you would need to use for logging in. Login to both nodes by copy-paste the commands from the output of the script. </li>
    143145            <li> Click the <b>webserver statistics</b> link to look at statistics. Refresh the page a couple of times to see how the statistics change as the client requests documents.</li>
    144146            <li> Click the <b>iperf logs</b> link to see the statistics from the iperf transfers.</li>