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Hadoop in a Slice

Part I/Step 1: Obtain Resources: create a slice and reserve resources

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1. Create a slice

  1. Go to the Home tab.
  2. Press the Create Slice button for this project.
  3. As a slice name use the slice name on your worksheet (the slice name should be of the form portal##), you can leave the description empty and press Create Slice
Create a GENI Slice
  1. Add a VM to your slice. The VM should be placed on the rack assigned to you.
Add the Hadoop Master
  1. Click the i button on the VM to set its properties:
    1. Name: hadoop-master
    2. Sliver Type: XOLarge
    3. Disk Image Name:
    4. Disk Image Version: 16ff128df4cf10f2472a8d20796146bcd5a5ddc3
    5. Add an install service to install following script in \tmp:
    6. Add an execute service to execute the script at boot time
      chmod +x /tmp/; /tmp/
Add the Hadoop Master


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