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Hadoop in a Slice

Part II: Execute Experiment: Login to the nodes and execute the Hadoop experiment

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Now that you have reserved your resources, you are ready to...

9. Login to nodes

  1. Open a new terminal window. Type the login command for Utah InstaGENI into that terminal window. You have now logged into your VM.
  2. Repeat the previous step for GPO InstaGENI in a second terminal window.
  3. Tip To find the login information again, go to the Slice page and press the Details button in the appropriate row of the slice table.
    Warning Use this icon to identify warnings or important notes.
  4. (Optionally) If your neighbor added you to their slice, login to your neighbor's slice. You will find your login information on the slice page for your neighbor's slice.
Login information for a VM
Figure 9-1 The Details page at Utah InstaGENI


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