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Tip, Notes, and Warnings

Note Because this RSpec file contains a generic description of resources and does not specify any particular aggregate manager, Flack will pop up a message asking you to specify an aggregate to use:
There were resources detected without a manager selected, please select which manager you would like to use.
Be very careful when entering this information -- these commands will not be executed yet, so it will be some time before you will see any relevant error messages if there is a mistake here.

Example usage

Simple Layer 2 Experiment shows these icons in action -- includes making icons links and adding text descriptions for each part

Icons attached

Individual icons

Icons with example html

Icons for use with PowerPoint

Individual Icons

Design/Setup Design/Setup Design/Setup

Individual Icons On

Design/Setup Design/Setup Design/Setup


Examples in powerpoint

All Icons Off


Design On

Here is the graphic with the Design icon "on". Turn "Execute" and "Finish" on in a similar way.


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