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Visualizing your Content Centric Networking (CCN) application using the GENI Desktop

These are instructions for the optional part of the Understanding the AM API using a Content Centric Networking application tutorial. Make sure you have completed the instructions at GENIExperimenter/Tutorials/GettingStarted_PartII_ccn/Procedure/Execute before you continue.

5.2. Lauch the GENI Desktop

  1. Find your slice in the GENI Portal and click on the GENI Desktop button

Figure 5-1 Click on the GENI Desktop button in the Slice Tools section of your Slice page.
  1. Before the GENI Desktop launches, it will ask for the passphrase on your ssh key. Type that followed by a return.
  1. You will be taken to the Slices page of the GENI Desktop. Select your Project from the top right of the page.
  1. To find your slice, click on the Show button next to Other Slices
  1. When you see your slice listed, select it and click on Display Checked Slices
  1. Your slice will appear in the list of slices and you will see a ? under the Status column as the GENI Desktop queries the aggregates for the status of your slice. Wait until the status changes to Has Resources
  2. Now click on the Initialize button in the same row as your slice listing
  3. After the slice is initialized, click on the Instrumentize button
  1. When the instrumentize is complete, click on the GENI Desktop button. You will see a page that looks like this (see figure). You may have to rearrange the nodes in the graph so the topology is clear.

5.3 Visualize your Experiment

We are now ready to ask graphs of traffic on the four links of our topology.

  1. Click on the launcher which is the button with the rocket icon and select Passive Graphs Lite in the menu that pops up

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