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Lab Zero: A First Experiment Using GENI

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This is a first, simple experiment on GENI useful for familiarizing new experimenters with GENI and the tools for using GENI.

What you will learn

The high levels goals for this exercise are to:

  1. Do a simple but complete GENI experiment
  2. Learn and use 5 GENI terms: experimenter, project, slice, resource, and aggregate
  3. Use the GENI Experimenter Portal and Flack

Specifically, during this exercise you will:

  • Use your GENI account for the first time and do some one time setup
    • Login to the GENI Experimenter Portal for the first time
    • Join a Project
    • Specify ssh keys for use logging into resources
  • Learn how to reserve, login to, and release resources in GENI
    • Create and renew a slice
    • Generate and reserve your own topology of GENI resources using Flack
    • Learn how to login to compute resources using ssh
    • Learn how to delete resources in GENI
  • Understand the difference between the control and data plane interfaces on each node
  • Use these resources to do a very simple first experiment
    • Use ping to test connectivity between the reserved resources
    • Use ifconfig to identify your data and control plane interfaces

Experiment Topology and Setup

Tutorial Setup

Reserve two VMs at the same location connected by a Layer 2 circuit.


Background information about pre-requisites, tools, resources, and where to get help.

Video of Exercise


  • Part I: Design/Setup
    • Step 1: Design Experiment
    • Step 2: Establish Management Environment
    • Step 3: Obtain Resources
  • Part II: Execute
    • Step 4: Configure and Initialize Services
    • Step 5: Execute Experiment
    • Step 6: Analyze and Visualize Experiment