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Background information for Lab Zero: A First Experiment Using GENI


In order to participate in this tutorial you need to have an account at an InCommon institution or from the GPO Identity Provider (IdP). If you haven't done so before, please sign in to the GENI Portal.

Make sure you know which institution will provide you access to GENI and the username and password you need to authenticate. If you don't know, please let us know.


  • GENI Experimenter Portal
  • Flack
  • SSH: you will need an ssh client in order to login to your resources. If you are working on a Linux or MAC computer then you can simply use the terminal. If you are on a Windows host you can use FireSSH which is a plugin for Firefox. If you want to use a different SSH client (e.g. putty), you have to figure out how your client works with public/private SSH keys of the openssh v2 format.

Where to get help

If you are a student in class, please ask your instructor or TA for assistance.

If you are an instructor or TA, please ask for help.


  • two virtual machines at one GENI rack