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Lab Zero: A First Experiment Using GENI, FIRE and jFed Tool


What you will learn

The high levels goals for this exercise are to:

  1. Do a simple but complete experiment on GENI and FIRE
  2. Learn and use 5 terms: experimenter, project, slice, resource, and aggregate.
  3. Learn how to manage your GENI or FIRE account
  4. Learn how to use the jFed toot

Experiment Topology and Setup

Tutorial Setup

Reserve two VMs at the same location connected by a Layer 2 circuit.


Background information about pre-requisites, tools, resources, and where to get help.


  • Part I: Design/Setup
    • Step 1: Design Experiment
    • Step 2: Establish Management Environment
    • Step 3: Obtain Resources
  • Part II: Execute
    • Step 4: Configure and Initialize Services
    • Step 5: Execute Experiment
    • Step 6: Analyze and Visualize Experiment