Lab Zero: A First Experiment Using GENI

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1. Establish the Environment

1.1 Pre-work: Create a FIRE account

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out the form:
    1. As Project use "FGRE summit"
    2. Optional: Upload an SSH Private to use with FIRE and GENI
    3. Make sure to remember the passphrase you type for "Geni SSL Pass Phrase"
  3. Wait until your account is approved
  4. Login
  5. On the left click on the Download your SSL Cert button
  6. Use the Save As menu and save the page as "fire-cert.pem"

1.2 Launch jFied

  1. in Firefox load:
  2. Click on the "QuickStart Experimenter GUI"
  3. Load the SSL Cert you downloaded
  4. As a password use the passphrase you selected during the account creation


Obtain Resources

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