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Get to Know the GENI Experiment Engine

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Experiment with various Ansible modules: ping, shell, setup

Next, get familiar with some basic Ansible commands . The ping module simply tries to do a SSH login to a node and reports success or failure. Run the following command on your controller:

$ ansible nodes -i ansible-hosts --private-key id_rsa -u root -m ping

If you don’t see success everywhere then there is something wrong with your setup. Ask one of the tutorial leaders for help.

The shell module lets you run arbitrary SSH commands in parallel across a set of hosts. It’s useful for poking around, or if there is no Ansible module with the functionality you need. Try it out:

$ ansible nodes -i ansible-hosts --private-key id_rsa -u root -m shell -a "hostname"

You can replace hostname above with any other Linux command.

Create an Ansible playbook to achieve the tutorial objective

Run the playbook

Next: Teardown Experiment

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