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Creating Slivers using JACKS in the GeniDesktop

Once you have created the slice successfully, you will be redirected to a page that will allow you to add resources to your slice.

  1. Depending upon how you want to add resources to your slice, you will need to click on the appropriate button. For this example, we will click on Create New which will direct us to the Jacks RSPEC editor.

  1. Wait for Jacks to open in editing mode. Jacks should look like the picture below.

  1. Click and drag a Xen VM box onto the canvas. Click and drag another Xen VM box onto the canvas. Now click near one of the Xen VM boxes on the canvas, then click and drag towards the other Xen VM. Release when you reach the other Xen VM. You should now see a line and a box representing a link connecting the two Xen VMs. When you are finished, Jacks should look like the picture below.

  1. Click the Site 1 box and select the aggregate you want. If you would like to save this topology for future use, click the "Save to Cloud For Future Use" checkbox and fill in the required details.

  1. Click the Allocate Resources Using This RSPEC button at the top of the page.

  1. If your resource reservation is successful, you will be redirected to the GENI Desktop and see something similar to the image below.

  1. GENI Desktop will periodically check on the status of your nodes and report back to you. Nodes in the process of booting are displayed in Yellow. Nodes that are ready are Green. Nodes that have failed to boot are displayed in Red.

  1. Once the nodes are ready, GENI Desktop will proceed to initialize and then instrumentize your slice. This process looks like the images below.

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