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Get to Know GENI and SAVI


SAVI (Smart Applications on Virtual Infrastructure) is a network of OpenStack Clouds running at a number of sites across Canada. One important subset of GENI's capability is as a distributed cloud; used together, gENI and SAVI form a distributed Cloud across over 60 sites in North America. In this tutorial, the student will learn to create a slice spanning the GENI and SAVI testbeds, and orchestrate the actions of the VM across the entire joint testbed"

The goal of the tutorial is, on each node, to run an HTTP query of the form:<slice name>&name=<container name>&ip=<IP of host>&lat=<latitude of host>&lng=<longitude of container>

This page will log each of your queries, and you can check that all your nodes were successfully able to run the query.

To meet this objective, participants will use Ansible to install software and run commands on GEE slicelets spanning 20 InstaGENI racks.


  • Familiarity with Linux. Having an account on both the GENI and SAVI testbeds. If you are a SAVI user, go to the GENI portal, type SAVI in the text box, and then log in with SAVI; if you are a GENI user, log in to the GENI portal using your usual credentials, and then click on the SAVI button on the GENI portal. This should be done three days before the tutorial
  • Join the 'GENI-Savi-Tutorial' project on GENI
  • If you are a SAVI user, make sure you have a project
  • Download the OMNI bundle with your credentials
  • You need sftp and an ssh client on your laptop
  • You need an ssh key pair configured for use with GENI, and you need to bring both the public and private keys to the tutorial


  • During the tutorial we will use the GENI/SAVI Federation Tool to allocate slices across the two testbeds.
  • We will be using Ansible to install software in and manage the joint slices.

How to get help:

During the tutorial, please raise your hand and one of the tutorial leaders will help you.


Tutorial Instructions

  • Part I: Design/Setup
    1. Learn to use the GENI/SAVI Federation Tool on the SAVI client machines
    2. Allocate a slice spanning GENI and SAVI
    3. Configure the Ansible controller for your slice
    4. Learn basic concepts of Ansible
  • Part II: Execute
    1. Create and run an Ansible playbook to install the software you'll need
    2. Create an Ansible playbook to download a parameterized URL from each node
    3. Run the playbook
    4. Verify that the playbook worked as expected