Set up and preparation for ECE375 Experiment


  1. Go to press the “Use GENI” button and log in with your UMass OIT credentials.
  2. Click “Join a Project” and select “UMASS-ECE374”.
  3. I will then invite get a notification and invite you to join the project.


To carry out the assignment from your own computer you need to install VirtualBox and a specific image:

  1. Download VirtualBox from:
  2. Install the following VM image:
  3. The account for the VM is “geni” and the account’s PW is “gec16user”.


  1. Open browser in VM and goto:
  2. Log in using your UMass OIT credentials.
  3. When you are logged in, select “Profiles” from the top, right menu.
  4. Next, click on “Generate SSH keypair” and enter your passphrase. Make sure

you remember that passphrase.

  1. On the next page click on “Download Private Key” and save key to ~/.ssh locally.
  2. In the browser, still on the same page under “My Stuff, Configure Omni” click on the link “create an SSL certificate”.
  3. Download the certificate to ~/.ssl locally.
  4. Make sure the files that hold your secret keys are adequately protected. To

make sure that’s the case you can execute the following commands:

chmod 0600 .ssh/id_geni_ssh_rsa
chmod 0600 .ssl/geni-mzink.pem

(remember that your .pem file is named differently)

  1. Generate a you public ssh key by executing the following command:
     ssh-keygen -y -f .ssh/id_geni_ssh_rsa > .ssh/
  2. Open a terminal and execute the following command:
     curl -o
  3. Change it’s access rights by executing:
    chmod a+x
  4. Execute command:
     python -c ~/.ssl/geni-mzink.pem -s ~/.ssl/mzink.jks -k ~/.ssl/geni-mzink.pem
    Note: ~/.ssl/geni-mzink.pem should be replace by the path to your pem file and ~/.ssl/geni-mzink.pem should be replaced by the name under which you would like to store your jks file.
  5. Edit the 3 last lines in the file:

by typing


Note: Make sure the paths to your jave keystore and the files hold cert and private key are correct!

Now execute the following command do download the topology description for our virtual network:

curl -o gec14.rdf
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