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GENI Webinar Series

Would you like to expand your knowledge of GENI and its capabilities? Do you want to learn about advanced topics from GENI experts? Are you ready to make GENI a bigger part of your networking research and classroom?

If so, the GENI Webinar Series may be just what you need. On one day each month during the summer, and through the rest of 2016, we will host a short webinar on a specific topic which we hope will interest many advanced GENI users and GENI beginners alike.


===Using GENI for Exploring Networks of the Future:===

May 27 - Rob Ricci - Building Clouds With CloudLab June 24 - Kobus Van der Merwe - PhantomNet July - Mike Zink - Software Defined Newtorking (Date not yet confirmed)

===Advanced GENI applications===

August - Hadoop September - Advanced manufacturing October - Network Function Virtualization

===Wireless and Security Research using GENI===

November - GENI wireless December - Security research using GENI

Bluejeans Information

Meeting ID: 294523526

Or if your prefer to use your phone for audio (optional):
1) +1.408.740.7256 (US) or
+1.888.240.2560 (US Toll Free)
+1.408.317.9253 (Alternate number)
2) Enter Meeting ID: 294523526
3) Press #

Requirements and Pre-Work

  1. Verify you are able to log into the GENI Portal.
  2. Verify you have a laptop/desktop suitable for the tutorial.
  3. Install and verify GENI tools on your computer.

More information on each of these tasks here

Session Leaders

Ben Newton
UNC - Chapel Hill
Jay Aikat
UNC - Chapel Hill

Session 1

Session 1 slides (pdf)

  • GENI Overview
  • GENI Terminology, SSH, Expiration and Renewal of Resources
  • Hands-on Lab
  • Behind the Scenes

Pre-Work for Session 2

  1. Download and Install Omni
  2. Test Omni Installation
  3. Configure Omni

More information on each of these tasks here

Session 2

Session 2 slides (pdf)

  • Hands-on Lab
    • Instructions: web
    • Worksheet: pdf
    • For AM Nickname use:
      • Yajun - missouri-ig
      • Prajwal - nps-ig
      • Jack - nyu-ig
      • Anurag - princeton-ig
      • Maha - sox-ig
      • Mahilan - stanford-ig
      • Avinash - uchicago-ig
      • Jae - ucla-ig
      • Graciela - uky-ig
      • Sana - utah-ig
      • Hari - uwashington-ig
      • Garegin - wisconsin-ig
    • Important Steps and Commands:
      • omni createslice lab1<INITIALS>
      • In Portal add Install Scripts
      • In Portal add Execute Scripts
        • cd /tmp/ccnx-setup && ./node-setup
        • cd /tmp/ccnx-setup && ./add-precip-routes rsrchr
        • cd /tmp/ccnx-setup && ./ccnx-setup router 4
      • Download Rspec
      • omni -a AM_NICKNAME createsliver lab1<INITIALS> RSPEC_FILE
      • readyToLogin -a AM_NICKNAME lab1<INITIALS>
      • From rsrchr then collab run:
        • /opt/ccnx-atmos/
        • 1902/01/01
        • 1902/01/02
      • omni -a AM_NICKNAME deletesliver lab1<INITIALS>
  • Running a class in GENI
    • GENI accounts and projects
    • Resources for Instructors
    • Tips
    • Wrap-up

Take home Assignment

  • Link to the assignment
  • Use Jacks or your favorite tool to reserve your resources using the rspec url provided in the assignment
  • You will get a warning when you run sudo just ignore it:
    sudo: unable to resolve host NodeB

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