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Using the GENI LTE Testbed for Mobility and Edge Cloud Research

Webinar Details

  • Presented by: Abhimanyu Gosain from Raytheon and Ivan Seskar & Mike Sherman from Rutgers
  • Date: Friday November 18th
  • Time: 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. ET


We will begin by introducing the 4G LTE standard. We will highlight the architecture, site resources and applications of a GENI LTE site and its integration with the GENI testbed. We will describe the programmable components of this system by running representative experiments.

To highlight the usability of this distributed radio platform, and the GENI rack, we will run a Cloud RAN experiment on the LTE system running in ORBIT. This entails processing of a traditional eNode basestation into two units, and we demonstrate using one machine to manage the radio , and the other to do the baseband processing. The LTE basestation, clients and EPC (Evolve Packet Core) will all be running on GENI.

Equipment Needed

  1. Computer with a good Internet connection and a browser (Firefox or Chrome preferred).
  2. Microphone (preferably a headset microphone) or alternatively a telephone.
  3. Webcam: Optional but recommended


  • Welcome - Ben Newton
  • Intro to GENI Wireless - Abhimanyu Gosain - (pdf)
  • Demo of GENI Portal - Abhimanyu Gosain
  • Presentation - Ivan Seskar
  • GENI Wireless Demo - Mike Sherman
  • Wrap-up - Ben Newton

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