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    1212The webinar walks participants through creating a Hadoop slice composed of three virtual machines that are a Hadoop cluster. The tutorial will lead you through creating the slice, observing the properties of the slice, and running a Hadoop example that sorts a large dataset.  Upon completion of the exercise, participants will be able to experiment with scaling the Hadoop sorting application and should be able to apply their new skill to deploy other distributed applications.
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    15 #!comment
    1614=== Connection Information ===
    1715Use the following URL to connect:[[BR]]
    3432=== Pre-work ===
    3533If you wish to run the hands-on demo yourself, please complete the following pre-work:
     34 1. Ensure you can login to (instructions, step 1 here:
     35 1. Join a project.  Use the project named UNC-GENI-Webinar unless you have access to another project which you prefer to use.
     36 1. Ensure you have generated and can use a key pair. You must:
     37   * have your private key on your machine
     38   * know your passphrase
     39   * if using Windows, have an SSH client installed.
     40 1. Become familiar with GENI Portal. 
     42The following tutorial will help you complete items 3 and 4 above, and is strongly recommended if you have never used GENI before, or have not used GENI for a while. 
    3645 1. Verify you are able to log into the GENI Portal. 
    3746 1. Verify you have a laptop/desktop suitable for the tutorial. 
    4049 More information on each of these tasks [wiki:GENIExperimenter/Tutorials/NewToolsSetup here]
    41 }}}
    4352=== Agenda ===