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     1== Building Clouds with !CloudLab ==
     3=== Webinar Details ===
     4 * Presented by: Robert Ricci from the University of Utah
     5 * Date:               Friday May 27th
     6 * Time:               3:00 - 4:00 p.m. ET
     8=== Abstract ===
     9!CloudLab is a testbed where researchers can build their own clouds,
     10giving them control of the parts of the cloud computing stack that would
     11be "givens" if using someone else's cloud: virtualization, storage,
     12networking, management, etc. This enables research that seeks to
     13transform the cloud, not just to use it as-is.
     15This webinar will cover the major features of !CloudLab, and participants
     16will learn how to get started using !CloudLab in their own research.
     17!CloudLab is federated with GENI; GENI accounts can be used to use
     18!CloudLab, and vice versa.
     20=== Connection Information ===
     22Use the following URL to connect:[[BR]]
     23 [[BR]]
     25Alternatively, use your phone and participate without video by: [[BR]]
     261) Dialing: +1.888.240.2560 [[BR]]
     272) Entering Conference ID: 562284608 [[BR]]
     29''Bluejeans is a video conferencing system.  Click on the link and follow the instructions to get connected.  The first time you use bluejeans you will likely need to install a plugin.  For Google Chrome you may need to install a small client application.'' 
     31''Please join the meeting a few minutes before the start time.''
     33=== Equipment Needed ===
     34 1. Computer with a good Internet connection and a browser (Firefox or Chrome preferred).
     35 1. Microphone (preferably a headset microphone) or alternatively a telephone.   
     36 1. Webcam: Optional but recommended
     38=== Pre-work ===
     39If you wish to run the !CloudLab demo yourself, please complete the following pre-work steps:
     40 1. [ Obtain a GENI Portal Account] (if you don't alredy have one)
     41 1. [ Generate and Download and SSH Keypair] (if not already done)
     43=== Agenda ===
     44 * Welcome - Ben Newton and Jay Aikat
     45 * !CloudLab presentation - Robert Ricci - [attachment:CloudLabWebinar.pdf slides (pdf)]
     46 * Live Demonstration - Robert Ricci
     47 * Wrap-up
     48 * (optionally, on your own) Complete the !CloudLab tutorial (