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    4444This account will also give you access to GENI for further experimentation after the summer camp. If you already have an account with then there is nothing more you need to do. If you do not have an account, please follow instructions in the end of the email. In order for you to get a GENI account you will have to follow these instructions. Make sure that in all the forms real email addresses are used, since further instructions are going to be sent through email:
    46    a. If you are a student as your adviser to create a project by filling out this form: .
     46   a. If you are a '''faculty member''' you should create a project by filling out this form: . If you are a '''student''' your advisor should create the project by filling out the same form.
    4747    In the last box, please provide a couple of sentences about how you plan to use GENI for your research.
    4848   b. Once the project is approved you should apply for an account at: , using as project name the same project name used by your adviser in the previous form.