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The GENI Experimenter Contest is intended to encourage the development of novel experiments that address interesting research questions and also take advantage of notable features of the GENI infrastructure. These features include support for experiments with non-IP protocols, wireless resources, programmable switches, geographically distributed and diverse resources.

The contest is open to individuals and teams, students, faculty and industry. Experiments will be judged on:

  • Suitability. Is this a good use of GENI? Experiments that cannot be run on today's Internet are of particular interest.
  • Merit. Will the results of the experiment be of value to the research community or to industry? Does it have the potential to advance the state of the art or practice?
  • Methodology. Did the team clearly lay out objectives, run suitable experiments, collect appropriate measurements, perform suitable analysis, and draw valid conclusions?
  • Reproducibility. Is the experiment easy to reproduce? Did the team use good practices for reproducibility such as postboot (install/execute) scripts, configuration scripts and custom images? Are all steps and materials (code, data, configuration) needed to reproduce the experiments well documented?
  • Presentation. Were the concepts and the experiment presented clearly, both in the written submission and verbally?

Experiments will be judged by a panel of community members. Teams will:

  • Submit a short paper (up to 4 pages) describing experiment goals, setup in GENI, data collected and analyzed, and conclusions drawn. The paper should also include instructions for judges wishing to run the experiment. Information needed to reproduce the experiment (code, data, RSpecs, etc) may be made available on a web site or in auxiliary files i.e. they do not have to be in the paper.
  • Do a presentation and demo over the Internet for the judges.

Winning teams will be required to demonstrate their demo at the GENI Engineering Conference in Miami on March 14, 2017.

Winners will be awarded:

  • Travel grants to the GENI Engineering Conference (up to 4 grants per team).
  • Cash awards of $2000, $1500 and $1000 for the first, second and third place teams respectively. The cash awards are sponsored by Matrix Integration.

Important dates:

  • Registration deadline: January 15, 2017. Register using this online form.
  • Submission deadline: February 4, 2017 at 11.59pm ET.
  • Presentations and demos: Between Feb 6 and Feb 14.
  • Award notification: February 15, 2017.
  • GENI Engineering Conference: March 14 & 15, 2017 in Miami, Florida.

Questions and GPO consultation

The fine print:

  • Judges reserve the right to not make any awards or make fewer than three awards if there are not enough entries of sufficient quality.
  • Travel grants are not available for winning team members from institutions outside the US. All winners are eligible for the cash awards.

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