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GENI Experimenters community support mailing list

GENI Experimenters is a community-supported mailing list for discussion of questions of concern to GENI experimenters.

Visit this group (including sign up) at

To post to this group, send email to

Asking questions

To ensure a prompt and useful answer, questions should include as many of the following as possible:

  • type of account you are using (portal,,, PlanetLab)
  • the tool you are using (portal, Flack, flukes, omni, GIMI, GEMINI, LabWiki, etc)
  • your slice name or URN
  • aggregates you are using
  • a detailed description of what's wrong including any error messages

Answering questions

Anyone who is a member of the group can any of the following items.

Here is a typical workflow:

  1. Experimenter sends a question to
  2. Hopefully someone from the community will respond.
  3. If no one responds in a timely fashion or if the question has a clear "right person" to answer, someone (probably a moderator) assigns email to an appropriate person via the web interface.
  4. Assignee gets email asking them to answer the message.
    1. If assignee is willing to respond, assignee responds (via email or web interface)
    2. Otherwise, assignee reassigns to someone else
  5. Once the thread dies down, someone (probably a moderator) marks the thread "Completed" (via the web interface)

At any time:

  • Anyone who is a member of the group, can add tags (selecting from existing where appropriate) via web interface
  • In addition to marking threads as "Completed", anyone can mark them as "Duplicate" or "No action needed". This does not generate email, so you still need to reply to the experimenter.